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Baseball Terminology

Baseball Scorekeeping terminology:
Batting Stats:
  • G-Games. If a player appears in a game in any capacity, starting line-up, pinch hitting, pinch runner, or defensive substitution, record a 1. 
  • AB-At Bats. This stat records the number of times a player has completed a plate appearance resulting in a hit, an out, or a fielder’s choice. Plate appearances which result in walks, sacrifice bunt or fly, or hit-by-pitch, are not included. AB is important in calculating batting average.
  • R-Runs. 
  • H-Hits. Combined total of singles, doubles, triples and home runs. 
  • 2B-Doubles. 
  • 3B-Triples. 
  • HR-Home Runs. 
  • TB-Total Bases. Cumulative number of bases reached as a result of hits. Single =1, double=2, triple=3 and home run = 4. Used in calculation of slugging percentage. 
  • BB-Bases on Balls (Walks). 
  • SO-Strike Outs (commonly recorded in scorebooks as "K"). 
  • HP-Hit-by-Pitch. 
  • SAC-Sacrifice (Bunt or Fly). 
  • SBA-Stolen Base Attempt. Includes times picked off base. 
  • SB-Stolen Bases. 
  • ROE - Reached base On Error 
  • AVG-Batting Average. Calculated as Hits/At Bats. 
  • SLG%-Slugging Percentage. A measure of a players power hitting output. Calculated as Total Bases / At Bats. 
  • OBA-On Base Average. Calculated as (Hits+Walks+Hit-by-Pitch+Reached on Error)/Plate Appearances. 
Fielding Stats:
Both batting and pitching input ranges have columns designated for fielding.
  • PO - Put Outs. When a player makes an out via tagging a runner, catching a fly ball, or making a force play. 
  • AST - Assists. When a player makes a throw to another player who records the put out. 
  • ERR - Errors. Any fumble, muff or misplay by a fielder which extends the life of a batter or runner or allows a runner to advance at least one base. 
  • FLD% - Fielding Percentage. Calculated as total of put outs and assists divided by total chances (put outs, assists plus errors) 
Pitching Stats: 
  • G-Games. Also known as appearances. 
  • W-Wins. 
  • L-Losses. 
  • S-Saves. 
  • IP-Innings Pitched. For partial innings, enter .33 for 1/3 or .67 for 2/3. (May cause some rounding error) 
  • R-Runs. 
  • ER-Earned Runs. 
  • AB-At Bats.
  • H-Hits. 
  • BB-Bases on Balls or Walks. 
  • SO-Strike Outs. 
  • 2B-Doubles. 
  • 3B-Triples. 
  • HR-Home Runs. 
  • ERA-Earned Run Average. Calculated as Earned Runs/Innings Pitched x 9. 

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